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<h2>Franco's New Orleans Style Hurricane Cocktail Mix</h2>

World Famous Franco's New Orleans Style Hurricane Cocktail Mix

Whether it's Mardi Gras, New Year's Eve, your birthday, the Super Bowl or just Tuesday night at 7:15, Franco's New Orleans Style Hurricane Cocktail Mix turns any occasion into a festive party. Follow the easy instructions that are listed below, add a few friends, and you're ready for fun - New Orleans style.

Size: 9 oz (dry weight)

Serving Suggestions: Add fun to any festive occasion with this New Orleans classic - Franco's New Orleans Style Hurricane Cocktail drink mix. Half fill a clean quart container with cold water. Add Franco's Hurricane Cocktail mix to water and stir/shake thoroughly. Add water to fill container and stir/shake again. Refrigerate. Fill drinking glass with crushed ice. If desired, add 4 oz. of your favorite dark rum to drinking glass. Add 4 oz. liquid Franco's Hurricane drink mix to drinking glass. Stir, garnish with orange slice and maraschino cherry. Serve with straw. Makes approximately 8 servings. Enjoy responsibly.

Order now and you can enjoy this terrific cocktail at home. And while you're at it, why not add to the fun with some New Orleans music, festive Mardi Gras Geaux Cups and Beads, delicious cajun food and more.

Make your next party a success. Don't just serve the same old thing. Bring the fun of New Orleans home and please your guests by serving plenty of world famous Franco's New Orleans Style Hurricane Mix.

NOTE: For many years, Franco's Cocktail Mixes has made this product and sold it under a licensing agreement with Pat O'Briens. This licensing agreement has ended, and Franco's is now selling the product under it's own name. Continue to enjoy your favorite New Orleans Hurricane cocktail mix, now in a new package.

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